'RULES' (CONSTITUTION) (Latest version: revised 1995)

The Association shall be called the Stoke d'Abernon and District Residents' Association.

The objects of the Association shall be to promote the amenities of the community and safeguard the interests of the residents and shall be non-political and non-sectarian.

All persons resident in Stoke d'Abernon and District may join the Association by paying the annual approved subscription.

The Officers of the Association shall consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. The management of the affairs of the Association shall be entrusted to an Executive Committee consisting of these officers together with one representative from each Area/Road/Street etc, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.  The necessary quorum of the Executive Committee to be five, at least two of whom shall be Area/Road/Street etc, representatives.  One Honorary Auditor shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting, who shall not be a member of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall be empowered to fill any vacancies in its numbers by co-option from members of the Association and may appoint sub-committees, which may have the power to co-opt other persons.

Nominations for election as Officers or members of the Executive Committee must be made in writing.  A candidate must be proposed and seconded by members of the Association and consent to take office, if elected, must be indicated by the signature of the nominee. Nominations must be received by the Hon. Secretary not less than two days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting of the members shall be held in the month of October in each year and the Half Yearly General Meeting in the month of April in each year. The times and places shall be fixed by the Executive Committee.  Not less than twenty one days notice shall be given to members of the Association of the Annual General Meeting and the Half Yearly General Meeting, and not less than seven days notice of Special General Meetings.

Any member desirous of moving a resolution at the Annual General Meeting or the Half -Yearly General Meeting must send the terms of the resolution, in writing signed by proposer and seconder, to the Honorary Secretary, if such a resolution is received by the Hon. Sec. before the calling notices are sent out, a copy of the resolution will accompany the notices. A resolution received afterwards however will be duplicated and copies made available at the meeting, provided that the Chairman may at his discretion permit the discussion at any Annual General Meeting or Half Yearly General Meeting of any business which in his opinion is not of major importance and which any member may wish to bring before the meeting notwithstanding that due notice of the same may not have been given in accordance with this rule.

The Executive Committee may at any time and shall on written request of not less than ten members call a Special General Meeting to transact special business.  Any such request from members shall be signed by them and state the resolution.  No business other than the special business for which the meeting is called may be transacted at any Special General Meeting.

All monies received by the Association shall be deposited in a clearing bank by the Treasurer who shall discharge all liabilities incurred by the Association when duly vouched for by cheques signed by any two officers of the Association.

These Rules shall not be added to, repealed or amended except by resolution of an Annual General Meeting or of a Special General Meeting duly summoned for that purpose.